Sending North Carolina some sock-filled love.

While this issue obviously hits home for us in the LGBT community, that also makes it easy for people outside of the community to brush off this law’s passing as simply “unfortunate.” It’s worth pointing out that even beyond the unreasonable and unforgivable slight against human rights, this issue shows a great deal of abuse of legislative force for what can only be personal prejudices at great cost to the state of North Carolina.  There are so many layers to this issue that need to be dealt with, but it hits home in such a personal way for me that I’m venting and putting it down for today. On to the next fight, on to making things better for the LGBT community in the future.


Also, thank you so much for the all of the wedding support and RSVPs! We’ve made it to 86% funding and we’re almost done with our invites, so don’t wait to fill out the RSVP form! We can’t wait to share this fun time with you all!

Aaaand in final big news: We’re arranging a ChaosLife Book Kickstarter! Holy bananas! Full color, 200+ pages, new comics, bonus content — it’s going to be awesome. We’re planning on launching soon and making a more official-like announcement very shortly, so stay tuned!

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