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ChaosLife is a semi-autobiographical comic. It focuses on a queer relationship between A. Stiffler and K. Copeland, who create the comic! It also delves into politics, GSM issues, mental health, pop culture, cats and other randomness. Since its debut in 2011, ChaosLife has been featured in numerous publications, including The Washington Post, The Discovery Channel’s Official Blog, The Australian Broadcasting Company, AutoStraddle, WIRED, Neatorama and MSN Japan, among many other online and real-world venues.
ChaosLife updates once a week, at least!


About A. Stiffler


A. Stiffler is a professional artist, comic illustrator and graphic designer.

Residing in Columbus, Ohio with two cats, they enjoy life to the fullest, even when it’s chaotic.




Is This Comic Free To Read?

Yes, always! ChaosLife is completely free to read. You can donate to its ongoing progress to help us put out more comics per week instead of spending time on other money-earning projects, but it’s not a requirement! We also have a Patreon where you can get awesome bonus material just be being a Patron of ours! Also, maybe turn off your AdBlock just for this site? Pretty please?

When Does The Site Update?

Usually once a week! The site does not currently have an ‘official’ update schedule. We try to update once a week, but sometimes between our regular graphic novel comic, commissions and our own personal life that’s not possible. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to get a regular reminder every time we update, which is pretty neat! You can also follow us on any of our social media, where we regularly post updates! 


Your “Back” Button! The Arrow Is Weird and Squiggly! I HATE IT!!!

We know.


Are The Comics Autobiographical?

Pretty much!
Most of the humorous ones you’ll find here focus on our personal life, often hyperbolized. Others are just what interest us at the time, which can range from social networking to politics to socks.
The main characters  that appear in the autobiographical comics are meant to be us. A lot of people have confusion with that because the blonde haired person is androgynous looking. And in the comics scope, 99.999% of the time, it has yet to matter what gender the characters in the comic identify as.

To expand on that sentiment, I never want anyone to feel bad for mistaking my comic character (A.) for a man or a woman. I don’t identify with either gender (this is called “agender”) so I choose not to over exaggerate any gender-specific features. If you read it as a man, identify with it and later find out I have crotch giblets or chromosomes you didn’t suspect me having, what’s wrong with that? You shouldn’t have to know what’s in someone’s DNA in order to relate to them. If you feel you do, then I’m sorry — but my DNA is here to stay, as is my personal identity.


So… You’re A Straight Couple?

Nope! A. Stiffler is an agender person, and K. Copeland is a woman. Neither of them identify as “straight.”


What’s Agender?

It means “lacking gender” — neither a man or a woman. Here’s a nifty comic about it!


Who are the cats in the comics?

They’re our two three cats! Konstantin (named after Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, a rocket scientist) is the grey one, a Russian Blue. Peter is the orange and white one, he’s a Flame-Point Siamese mix. And Jiji is a one-eyed demon. They’re pretty derpy, but we love them. We adopted them from a local shelter. Make sure to spay and neuter your pets, everyone!


Don’t you think you’re taking mental illnesses lightly?

These are comics and they relate humor.
While we won’t say there will never be a serious one thrown in in the future, we can say that so far, the tone and appearance of any of our comics that tackle mental illness and those suffering from it (K.’s paranoid schizophrenia included), is one of understanding and acceptance. We don’t claim to be doctors or a psychologists, but we do know that humor is something people relate to, that gets them thinking, talking and understanding one another. There’s a huge stigma revolving around people with mental illnesses that we wish didn’t exist. Hopefully by expressing that we have a sense of humor about it, even though we have to live with the detrimental side effects, others will be inclined to break the barriers of stigmas and social isolation. All of the comics we present about K’s mental illness are taken from life, and sharing her life (and our life together), both the good and the bad of it, is something that K. is comfortable with. If you’re uncomfortable with a person who has a mental illness sharing part of themselves, even in humorous situations, then it’s perhaps something you need to address about your own stigmas.


When will this comic be available as a printed version?

Hopefully one day! It takes a lot of work (and money) to self-publish! We’re already planning on it and I can safely say the printed version will have extra content and some of the comics will be expanded, so maybe it will be worth the wait!


What do you use to draw these comics?

The earlier comics were a simple combination of pencil, paper and Photoshop to add in colors. The more recent comics are illustrated using a Monoprice IPD.


Can I use one of your comics?

See below for details on how to share our comics!

Please don’t steal! Stealing is bad. If you’re not making profit from it (that includes sites with ads), and you give ChaosLife proper credit with a link back to this specific site, then that’s fine (i.e., posting on Reddit, reblogging on Tumblr, sharing on Twitter, linking on FB, or reviews etc. are a-okay — all with proper attribution). Just notify us to let us know where it is, please.


Do you take commissions?

Check out my Commission Page to see if I’m open! You’ll find all of the pertinent information there, too! I don’t work for free, so please don’t ask.


What Do You Weirdos Actually Look Like

Like this, I guess?


Peter & Konstantin! Belly Up.


Haku! In a hat (thanks Visioluxus!)

A. Lookin’ Spikey.

K! Lookin’ grumpy.


How Do I Contact You?

You can contact us via any of our social media, site comments (newly allowed!) or shoot us an e-mail!


Why Haven’t You Answered My E-Mail?

We answer all professional (i.e., commission or other work-related, including inquiries for interviews, invitations to speak at public forums, etc.) e-mails within 7 days of receiving them, on average. If you haven’t heard back from us, yours may have been marked as spam — try sending it again or telling us what to look out for! Anything else may be lost in the fray, sorry! We used to be super awesome at answering back every single person that sent us an e-mail, but unfortunately, these days we’d be doing nothing but answering such sweet folks and not getting any other work done! Still, we appreciate any correspondence and always make sure to at least give them a once-over! If you still feel ignored, you can always reach us on our public social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, and we’ll do our best to help you out or answer any lingering questions! 🙂



Spam. Well, at first it was to weed out spam-bots, of which we get a shit-ton of. Now it’s also because some people have failed Wheaton’s Law and are just dicks in the comments, and it’s not right to ruin everyone’s experience! The Oatmeal doesn’t even allow comments, and we didn’t either until recently — it’s an experiment for us, but there are limitations to folks posting stuff on a site that we pay for and maintain.

Why Didn’t My Comment Appear/Get Trashed?

It could be for one of several reasons! For the most part, we try to keep comments open and fair, and we don’t even mind criticisms and welcome any questions — but there are exceptions:


  • You linked to an outside source that we don’t endorse. It’s all well and good to link to a related article or website, but linking to a blog or comic that’s unrelated is considered spam and will be deleted automatically. And some websites are just a no-go for us (because of their repeated transphobia, homophobia, etc.), so we won’t give them any of our inside traffic.
  • You Were A Jerk. It’s cool to question, criticise and even lightly poke fun at things, but it’s not cool if your very first comment is a rampaging attack on our persons, our comics or the topics they contain. Homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, racism, and any other bigotry etc. won’t be tolerated on a site that we pay for. Not only is it in poor taste, but it can diminish the experience of other readers if they have to read hostile content.
  • You Haven’t Read the Comics. You want to let your voice be heard, that’s awesome! But you do realize that these comics aren’t just here to bounce your own ideas off of, right? If you haven’t actually read any of the content, and instead just surmise from your own knee-jerk reactions, you’re not doing anyone any favors and not contributing to the conversations.
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In summary, we’re very laid back about the sorts of comments approved. As you can see, we often allow any and all discussion, even those that get into negative territory. However, we don’t approve of troll-ish behavior, hate speech or blatant exploitation of our audience. The comments section should be an informative, fun and engaging environment, not one filled with hostility, misinformation and awkwardness. Commenting on our site is a privilege, not a right, and since we pay for the extra servers to make commenting possible, it’s only fair we moderate accordingly!


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