Status: Not Currently Accepting Personal Commissions.
Inquiry about commercial commissions can be sent to or the e-mail address below.



  • Copyright: The artist, A. Stiffler, will hold all common-law copyright to the commissioned piece and it may not be used for commercial purposes, reproduced without written approval from the artist, traced/altered in any way or claimed as statutory copyright. The commission may not be used for print, publication or profit.
  • Basically: You will retain copyright to your characters or any original ideas, I only retain copyright to the work itself.
  • Commission: The commission shall be an agreed-upon flat fee for a high-resolution image file (physical copies or original physical works can be discussed for a negotiable price, plus S&H). Recipient will be responsible for sending all pertinent details to include in the piece to upon signing of this contract. Any additions will incur an extra fee. Additions include: Extra characters, background elements, complicated objects, animals or props. It is the discretion of the artist what is an addition and what is not and these details will be discussed prior to payment.
  • Basically: Don’t be afraid to commission me, I am insanely easy-going.
  • Payment: A nonrefundable deposit of 50%-100% of the agreed-upon fee is required upon commission before work will begin. Payments can be made through PayPal to No checks or money orders will be accepted. If the Recipient chooses not to purchase the artwork at the time of its completion, the artist will retain the refused piece and the nonrefundable deposit.
  • Basically: Don’t try to not pay me for work I have already completed to your specifications.
  • Distribution:  The Recipient agrees to not physically duplicate the image outside of personal use or for monetary gain. The work may be distributed online (i.e. Facebook, Icons, Character Pages, Personal Blog Sites without Ads), but may not be used commercially online (i.e. Site Banners and Advertisements, Sites with Ads). The artist retains the right to distribute the work, including publishing in web galleries and the artist’s personal sites. The work will not be displayed by the artist in its high-resolution form, which the Recipient retains ownership of.
  • Basically: Don’t try to make money off of my hard work by printing out the commission and selling it at cons or using it as your site banner on Etsy. Commercial work can be easily discussed!
  • Changes During Process: As stated, the Recipient will send the artist all necessary information for the piece. This includes, but is not limited to: Character (several reference images can be used), Colors, Style, Placement and Composition. The Recipient will include any and all reference material in e-mail form along with a signed contract provided by the artist and agreed upon fees. Work will begin immediately on the piece, and the Recipient will be sent a rough sketch for approval. Any changes made after agreeing upon the rough sketch will incur additional fees, unless the artist has made a mistake in your original direction.
  • Basically: Don’t request something, then change your mind halfway through or after my work on the piece and expect me to charge you the same price (i.e., “I want her hair to be blue and long,” to > “Hm, her hair looks nice blue and long, but how about you make it a short blonde mohawk with pink spots? XD”)
  • One Big Nope And Lots of Little Nopes: The artist reserves the right to respectfully refuse commissions that don’t fit the style or aesthetics of the artist’s body of work.
  • Basically: I have done nudes and tasteful x-rated material without problem, but I can’t promise to draw certain fetishes or situations that offend me (it’s not much, to be sure). I will very politely tell you if I’m not interested.

Basically: Commission me, it’s a really fun process and I’m happy to draw new and exciting things! But let’s not screw each other over in the process, okay?

Commercial Commissions

The artist is available for pencil, inking, coloring on commercial illustrations, artists trading cards, book and/or comic covers and sequential art. E-mail for further negotiations and prices.

Samples of Work

More Samples Can Be Found At My Portfolio (Click Here).

Comic: Simplified Comic Style

FC: Stylized FindChaos Style

RoseCommission JuncoCommissionArt JohnCommissionArt CommisionBogFairy


Email me at Contact@FindChaos.Com for any questions or to commission me! Thanks for supporting independent artists!