In case you didn’t know, K’s birthday is coming up on September 5th!


You’re my whole world and I’ve always felt lucky to have you in my life, but this year I feel all the more grateful. I hope I can always make you happier every year and that we’ll be together for every last one of these silly days. I love you.

Since we’ll be busy working on other projects through the first week of September, this post would be an excellent place to leave some birthday wishes, wink wink. She’s had a pretty rough time lately (as you can guess from last month’s comics), so a little well-wishing would be a wonderful present for her.

If you’re feeling the hankering to send her something, we’re totally working on getting a P.O. Box soon and in the meantime, we have an Amazon wishlist and even one for the Wedding. But seriously, a sweet note is her favorite thing in the world, so make her cry! …With happiness. Don’t just… You get the idea.

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