In many ways, CISPA is far more frightening than SOPA/PIPA ever were because it violates individuals’ constitutional rights, rather than simply interfere with how private businesses are regulated. You can let the government know exactly how you feel by calling your representatives, writing them letters, signing petitions to stop CISPA from being enacted, and spreading the word to friends and family so they can do the same.

While the White House petition is past its due date (with plenty of signatures!), people are still signing it to let them know how important this is to everyone. The petition at still needs lots of signatures, and you can visit CISPA Is Back for more information, as well as easy ways to call Congress, tweet one of CISPA’s biggest sponsors, and see which companies have pledged to respect your privacy. We’ve beaten invasive measures like these before, and we need to do it again!

Keep the Internet Private.

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