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f you haven’t heard: we’re still taking pre-orders for the second print run of Lesbians 101, but time is running out! Pre-ordering is open until May 8th, and after that, you’ll have to wait for the next time, sorry!

And more good news: even if you miss the window or just want to have the entire book in PDF-format, you can nab that any time you want!

What’s the hell is this book, anyway? Lesbians 101 is a full-color, 16 page magazine-sized comic book packed with light-hearted education based on the most common set of questions lesbians frequently get. A few lesson examples include: “Why Do All Lesbians Look The Same,” “Why Do Lesbians Hate Men,” and “Isn’t Lesbianism Just A Phase?” The material is safe for all ages, but use your discretion – there is discussion on sex and illustrations of sex toys.

Thanks for your support in creating and sharing this book!


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