Oh, how the internet never ceases to amaze me.  Fortunately, the hate mail that seeps out of it is something that’s both infrequent and hilarious, with topics that range from personal differences to outrage over completely relative things (I’m pretty sure Clothes Shopping is, apparently, the most hateful thing I’ve ever created) to the utterly batshit garbage that I’m pretty sure was someone having a seizure on top of their keyboards.  I wind up more worried for their well-being than upset by the text diarrhea shoved into my inbox.

I guess the lesson here is: don’t let the internet get you down, and if you really must wade into the cesspools of trolls, a few <3’s thrown here and there will really cheer up any message. You fucks. <3


Also, we have loads of new merchandise in our Society6 shop, including art from our LiveStream and several t-shirts inspired from our comics! Just think, you could be the proud owner of this:

The lack of context just makes it so much better.

And, uh, at this point I was going to advertise some original art I had for sale — I had this part all typed up already and had to delete all of my original-art-related jokes, suffice it to say they were very funny — but it all sold out within 24 hours and the entire blurb was rendered useless.  Well, hooray!  You don’t have to read that, but you just had to read this, so ha.


(This ending is awkward.)

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