We’ve all been there. And still are.

Hey there, everyone!

Thank you so much for supporting our comics in so many ways!

Thanks to you, we can keep making comics and stay in touch with our progressive queer community full-time, all while training K’s service dog, Legba, and staying healthy. The only downside to this is that we experience large training/medical/equipment bills semi-regularly that don’t always fit our monthly budget, so it would mean a lot to us if you felt like just tossing a couple dollars our way via PayPal.me, which helps cover our monthly expense gaps ENORMOUSLY. I can’t express enough how much it means to us to share with you and how overwhelmingly awesome your support has been to get us here, whether through finances, sharing our content, or even simply following us on the weird ol’ internet. Thank you again! Here’s a fave Legba pic:

Psst! His own wishlist is here!

We survive completely on your support! If you have a little spare change, you can keep us and our comics going lots of ways:

  • Patreon – Support us per strip (you can cap at any amount per-month, even as little as $1) and gain access to bonus material, private blogs, and sneak peeks of comics before they appear anywhere else! (And since Patreon has decided to label our account NSFW, we’ve embraced it by offering our patrons exclusive sets of pinups!)
  • Ko-Fi – Buy us a cuppa! Or anything else we could use in increments of $3, which is probably cat toys.
  • PayPal.me – Donate any one-time amount! No muss, no fuss.
  • Etsy – Check in on our store to find original comic linework, paintings, digital books, and whatever strange crafts struck our fancy!

Need to find us on social media? Look up “FindChaos” pretty much wherever.

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