You may have already heard if you follow any of our social media outlets, but I’m extremely saddened to announce that Peter has passed away.

Peter was the very first cat that K and I adopted together. It was for her birthday in September of 2005. While there were dozens of amazing cats (including a sleek black one that we were particularly taken with), Peter picked us out the moment he reached out his tiny mitt from his kennel and poked me on the nose. It wasn’t a week later that we woke up to him gleefully peeing on the bed with us in it, wagging his tail as he always did when he was happy.

Even though Peter and his awkward, happy-go-lucky nature were often the butt of jokes, he was also the friendly, good-natured glue that really held our wacky little family together. He never failed to appear when you needed comfort and he was happy to keep you company even if you were the only one left awake. In the last couple of months of his life, Peter even got over his fear of laying on people and slept on my chest at night or rested in our laps while we worked.

It happened suddenly. We had recently taken Peter to the vet because of some unexplained weight loss without any other symptoms — he was still eating, playing, and enjoying lots of tummy rubs. Little did anyone know, Peter had developed cancer over time and, on November 15th, it had fatal complications. He had spent the day acting fine as ever, then in the span of 20 minutes, he fell ill and passed away almost immediately after reaching the vet.

It was devastating for us. I’m pretty sure K and I cried for about 48 solid hours.

Today, we’re still feeling the loss and sometimes we get a bit weepy, but I know Peter wouldn’t want anyone to feel bad, he never did. I’m just glad we got to spend so much time with him and share his sweet, goofy personality with the world. The fact it hurts just goes to show what a great cat he was.

Goodnight for now, Peter, our little lost boy.








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