Jiji ran out of things to break around the apartment, I guess.

When it rains, it pours!

When Jiji had a little coughing fit, we launched into full-blown Overbearing Parent Mode and took him to the vet, assuming it was just allergies or an upper-respiratory infection. The vet checked him over and, to our surprise, said that we needed to go see a surgeon because he might have a polyp in his ear that was tickling his throat.

We took Jiji to get a surgical consultation and were told that he didn’t have an ear polyp! He had polyps in both ears, like the worst BOGO sale ever! Since these are things that can grow to restrict his breathing, cause infections, deafness, and generally screw with his quality of life, we are going to be biting that bullet-bill (haha, like Mario! Get it? …okay, nothing like Mario.) and getting him surgery in a few of weeks. On the upside, we did catch Jiji’s condition early enough that he’s still happy and practically symptom-free, so that adorable little jerk is having a great time.

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