Yes, you REALLY are invited!

Here are the deets as they stand so far: we are already technically married (you aren’t taking wacky pills), but it only just became legally recognized in our home State. Since our original wedding was abrupt, on a shoestring budget (because most of the money went towards travelling to somewhere we could get married at the time), and we only had four people in attendance, it seems worth an official, much more fun and meaningful do-over now that we can!

So! We are roughly planning on sometime in Fall/Winter of 2016. We’re definitely planning on broadcasting it to the ‘net so literally anyone who wants to be a part of it can be, but we’d also like to have loads of you friendly folk actually be there. We’re still working out the details on that last part, so stay tuned or feel free to offer some ideas for wedding newbies. The ideal event will be only semi-formal and function as mostly the fun reception part of a wedding, with a nice vow renewal at the beginning — one location, no shuttling around — we promise! We just want it to be a celebration of our love and the love that’s been given to us. <3

Anyway, our current budget is zippo and we’re very easy-going people, so expect (or suggest) some weird and fun ideas. There might be pizza, maybe a ghost hunt, who the hell knows? I just know I can’t wait!


Due to the frequency of requests, we’ve started a GoFundMe page for our open-invitation wedding bash next year! Even if you don’t plan on donating, definitely check it out because the blog is full of useful information, including our plans so-far, how to participate, and some general questions answered. You guys are the absolute best, and we can’t wait to see and celebrate with so many of you! <3


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