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The Female Anatomy (According to Our Government) – The T-SHIRT!!!


Apparently, the female anatomy is made up of sugar and spice and everything ridiculous, according to our government and a long laundry list of its new laws in several States on female reproductive health. At least you don’t have to be confused any more, with a handy-dandy chart of the female contents! Amaze your friends and relatives with your vast scientific knowledge and your stylish anatomy!

  • Does Not Contain the Scary “It Will Not Be Named” V-Word as Banned from Being Uttered in the Presence of Congress
  • Does Not Contain Any Actual Anatomy or Science
  • Does Contain Humor
  • Anti-Rape Weasel Included to “Shut Down” Unwanted Pregnancies, as Deemed Accurate by Senators
  • Full Color to Highlight Idiocy of Our Government and Deep Political Sarcasm

I’m pretty disappointed things have only gotten worse since the ChaosLife comic featuring this chart came out — didn’t really think that was possible! K’s reaction: “Let’s make it a t-shirt.” The people we were with: “Yes, please.” So, t-shirt it is! (And holy crap, look at that snazzy rib alignment.)

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