This is actually a comic from July 2011! We found this poor kitty on the 4th of July while walking home with our best friend from the local firework display, of all things! He stayed quarantined in our apartment for a week and a half before we were finally able to place him at the no-kill shelter where we had previously adopted our two cats from, Cat Welfare – we tried to find him a forever home, but it just didn’t work out (admittedly, he was a tough sell), and we didn’t think it was fair to keep him (and our cats) cooped up for any longer.

If you’d like to donate to Cat Welfare or buy one of their calendars or other wares, they would surely appreciate it! Please always spay and neuter your pets, keep them indoors (this also helps the local bird population, which is under brutal attack and on the decline from “outdoor” cats), and always consider adoption first!

For anyone concerned, the Stray Cat (Nicholas, as dubbed by the shelter) has been happily adopted since this comic was made!

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