Don’t sweat the small stuff!


Hey Party People! Here’s some fun stuff that’s been going on:

  • We released our bundle of BEYOND: The Queer Scifi/Fantasy Anthology! We have it bundled with some goodies, so grab your signed copy. This book is the only place you can find our post-apocalyptic queer fantasy comic, ‘The Next Day’ so don’t miss your chance to read it, along with loads of other amazing queer stories!


  • Our Queerest Wedding is trucking right along! We’ve been updating our Wedding Blog with venues, food ideas, decor ideas and even questions for you to weigh in on! Access to the Blog is a GoFundMe Reward, so if you have any interest in some queer party planning, be sure to check it all out!


  • We made a Fairy Tale Podcast for Patreon, and EVERYONE is invited to listen! It’s a bit eccentric — we have a habit of telling each other ‘bedtime stories’ and they tend to have many diversions. This one includes standards of beauty (weasels, apparently), Bill & Ted, flamingos and a Princess who eats onions. Surely, it will become a classic. Take a listen over at our Patreon! And if you liked that, we have lots of different themed PodCasts that are Patreon-Only, including sex-ed, whiskey tastings and even (surprise) stuff about cats!



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