Hey lovely comic-lovers! It’s A & K here to wish you a g’day and say….
That’s enough rhyming for one blog. But since some of you have been asking, here’s a lil’ update on things!
LEVEL UP – WEDDING: We’re picking a venue sooooon! We had hoped to do it by the end of October, but things wound up a little more hectic than we had originally scheduled for! We’re currently between two options — both of which are to die for! Take that as you will. 😉
Our GoFundMe Blog has all the details on both, as well as little ideas we keep popping up with, occasional rants and food ideas — who would think that wedding food was so polarizing? And we’re HALF WAY funded already! We’re so thrilled and overwhelmed that we can book a venue already, let alone think about feeding folks!
FIREPOWER – PATREON: Speaking of things that cause food, our Patreon continues to grow and be a source of ramen and bill-paying loveliness! We also have some PodCasts, recorded LiveStreams, Tutorials aaaaand they just rolled out with an all-new Patreon App that will allow us to face-time (?!?!?!) post cat pictures more easily and do all sorts of weird wacky things we haven’t figured out yet. Stay tuned for that, current and potential Patrons! In the meantime, thank you for making our queer little lives making little queer comics possible!
STAR POWER – COMICS COMING: We’re gearing up to start selling some amaaaaaaaaazing comics! Our Smut Peddler contract just hit the 1-year mark, which means we’re in the market to find a way to host our own Smut Peddler comic somewhere! We also received our books from the Beyond Anthology, which are GORGEOUS. We’re planning on packaging them in a bundle with a few more cute and crystal (!) items, so be on the lookout for those!
Otherwise, all of the Lesbians 101 2nd Editions have been sent out by now, so if you haven’t received your copy, please let us know so we can look up your Federal Mail Code and figure out what happened, and hopefully get your copy to you! <3
Happy Novemberween! We’re looking forward to celebrating Fall/Winter with you! Here’s to a wonderful New Year for you all. May your cats be plenty and your litter boxes be ever-clean. May your toes meet only warm blankets and not sudden cat toes kicking sharply. May your wardrobe keep you warm, even if it is covered in kitten hair. And most of all, may your kitties love you and you them.
A & K
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