A birthday comic for Stiffler (A) by me (K).

I’ve been doing a series of Rorschach ink blots lately for a special edition of my Rorschach Experiment, so when Stiffler asked me to simply make something for their birthday, I was inspired to make this. I would have used traditional medium (like my other Rorschach’s are), but I was afraid I’d screw it up — I mean, that’s what always happens when something is EXTREMELY important to you, right?

So, I took an image of Stiffler’s face and stared it for a long time. Like a Rorschach, I tried to parse out what they meant to me. I started crying immediately and I haven’t been able to stop crying on and off for days. What they mean to me is indescribable. However, I tried to capture some of it.

They are beautiful, but also fierce — the two meld so well in them, not only in their outer beauty, but their larger than life personality and their huge heart.

They are a wolf — strong and steady, constantly being tangled in thorns that both protect and hurt them, but they loyally trudge on through the woods.

They are a rose — sweet and gentle, only opening up when they’re ready.

They are wings — uplifting everyone around them, even in stormy weather, and managing to fly themselves ever upwards and onwards without wavering.

They are my heart. They are my meaning. They are everything to me. I couldn’t imagine a life without them. They take care of me, they listen to me, they play with me. They deserve so much love and respect for everything they do in their life. They’ve truly lived a beautiful life, because they work SO HARD to make sure it’s beautiful. They’re my best friend, my spouse, my love, my heart and my inspiration. They make me want to be better and remind me that I’m okay as-is.

I love you, my sweet one, and I hope you always know how special, unique and important you are to me. You aren’t my dream come true — I couldn’t have made up someone so perfect. They seem to touch everything around them with some kind of magic. Thank you for existing, today and every day.

Happy Birthday. Here’s to many, many more spent with you. I can only imagine what magical things will come our way with you at the helm…


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